Report: The Evolution of Geosynthetics in Erosion and Sediment Control


Much of the development of geosynthetics technology in environmental applications has been in response to government regulations. This is certainly true for geosynthetics used in erosion and sediment control. Geosynthetics continue to replace traditional materials such as soil and stone in performing important engineering functions in erosion and sediment control applications while simultaneously introducing greater versatility and cost-effectiveness. Geosynthetics are widely used as a “carrier” for degradable materials to the enhancement of vegetative establishment; as nondegradable materials to extend the erosion control limits of vegetation or soil; as primary slope or channel linings; as components in silt fences and turbidity curtains; and as a component in an ever growing array of sediment retention devices.

Along with the introduction of geosynthetics into this wide range of applications has come the need for industry-wide initiatives to promote their correct use and new test methods to characterize them. All of which, are a “work in progress”.

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